Welcome to the Media Training Video Series! This expanding library has been assembled by the California/Nevada, Cornerstone, Georgia, Iowa and Ohio Credit Union Leagues. It features helpful insights on a variety of media relations topics and equips you to confidently and effectively share the credit union message. Through shared information and strategies, we can collectively elevate the profiles of credit unions in our communities and beyond.


Credit Union Guide to Social Media
It’s easy to feel lost in the sea of opportunities social media provides. Where should you devote your resources, how do you plan your social media strategy and how do you measure success? This video leads you through the process of  developing content and response plans, enabling you to go forth confidently into the world of social media engagement.

Effective Tools for Media Relations
With so many groups fighting for media attention and coverage, and fewer reporters to cover news, it is more challenging than ever to garner positive press. Learn what catches the eye of reporters and how to relate national headlines to your credit union. You’ll leave with a sample 12-month story pitching plan that fits credit unions of all sizes.

Headline Grabbing Media Relations
Determine what’s truly newsworthy and gain a better understanding of what print reporters are looking to write about, how to grab their attention and how to grow a relationship with local media outlets.

Editorial Writing and Advanced Tactics
One of the most impactful ways to publicize your credit union is through opinion pieces. Learn how to create these impactful pieces and gain confidence in your ability to share your credit union’s success and respond to any negative coverage.